Dear All

Thank you for participating in the session on Thursday – my apology in writing the Learning points a little late.

In the RRR we discussed:

  • JIA
  • Red eye
  • Oral contraceptive request by 13 yrs old

The Communication scenario was of a wrong drug being administered to a patient following an allergic reaction to transfusion. 12 year old child is in side room with parent. Dr M was the RP and Dr S took the hot seat. It is a difficult scenario but it is important to note all the information that is provided. WE had a discussion on the hows & whys and the learning points are:

  • Note what information is provided
  • What is the setting, who you will speak with, who else is present
  • SITUATIONAL awareness is very important
  • ‘ Sensitive – Confidential’ information needs to be given in ‘private’
  • Not if front of other people – unless specifically asked
  • Move to private space – get a ‘witness’ / chaparone
  • Medical errors are ‘common’ need to be dealt with sensitively
  • Datex or Central ‘Error’ reporting system is available in most units
  • Involve your seniors
  • Do NOT sound obstructive – CANNOT give you NAME
  • Consultant will see you asap – and will discuss details
  • Gillick competence – read p and be aware

Please visit to add your comments or points I may have missed.

Anil Garg