Online Modules:

The following Modules are available.

Communication Module

  • Presentation on how to attempt the communication station
  • Communication: NICE guidelines: Urinary Tract Investigations.
  • Communication: Clinical Governance: Needle Stick Injury – permission for investigations.
  • Communication: Breaking bad news
  • Communication: Baby with congenital heart disease
  • Communication: NAI – unexplained bruising discussion with guardian
  • Communication: Education Teaching: Discussion with colleagues – Traffic Light System.


  • Examination and presentation of CVS child
  • Common murmurs – audio & video representation
  • Normal heart sounds / VSD / PDA / ASD / Aortic Stenosis / Aortic Regurgitation / Pulmonary stenosis
  • Echocardiograms of common pathology.
  • Normal Echo / VSD / Tetralogy of Fallot / Transposition of Great Arteries / Cardiomyopathy – may be seen in video station in examination.

History and Management

  • Presentation on how to attempt the Video station
  • Common chronic disease scenarios likely in the examination
  • Candidate / Role player and Examiner view points in video clips


Video Station:

  • Presentation on how to attempt the Video station
  • Common pathology and likely scenarios.
  • Details not given as that will make the videos too easy to ‘view’.
  • Questions simulating the discussion with examiner

Clinical Station

  • Presentation on how to proceed in the clinical station
  • Scars and signs – how not to miss important signs
  • Presentation – Neurology ‘case’

Content is monitored and regularly updated to provide better learning opportunity.