Video station

There are 2 Video Stations in the clinical examination. A  &  B with examiners present in both.

The stations are designed to:

  • Assess ability of clinical observation
  • Assess ability to identify Clinical signs
  • Discuss differential diagnosis
  • Clinical reasoning for differential
  • Initial management

Candidate gets a brief description of the scenario while waiting. On entering the room, they are greeted by the examiner who takes the mark sheet and guides them to the computer. Audio facility is available but may not always be required.

3 minutes are available to watch the video. The video clip can be 60 – 90 seconds. Video can be watched as many times as time permits.

Discussion with examiner can only start at the end of 3 minutes.

6 minutes discussion to assess the candidate’s abilities in various domains.

  • Clinical findings – Domain C
  • Identification of signs present
  • Correct interpretation
  • Differential diagnosis – Domain D1
  • Appropriate differential diagnosis
  • Implications of clinical signs

Appropriate steps if examination NOT conclusive

  • Investigations & Management – Domain D2
  • Relevant investigations to identified problems
  • Management plan : safe, ethical, effective.
  • Patient / Parent concerns being addressed

Appropriate Escalation.

Video station has 6 marks each – total of 12 marks.