Communication station

Communication is fundamental to our interaction with other people.

We communicate our thoughts in a number of ways:

  • the spoken word,
  • the written word,
  • gestures,
  • our bodies in their own body language,
  • pictures and diagrams.

“80% of the information is perceived before you speak!!!’’

We use all of the various methods of communication mentioned without being aware and move from one to the other seamlessly.

“Eye contact conveys ‘Confidence & Reassurance”.

We use spoken words most of the time but use of written words and diagrams is also a very effective way of getting our message across.

Communication station is not a knowledge testing exercise. You do not have to show how much you know of a particular condition. It is about how you engage with the person, develop a two way dialogue, elicit and address their concerns and give what information they need, in a language and manner they can understand.


Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health (RCPCH) keep communication at the heart of assessment in the MRCPCH examination. Communication skills are test across most stations during an examination circuit.

“Speak in 30 second bytes”