Online Modules – Cardiology – Ventricular Septal Defect

Cardiovascular station causes undue difficulty in the MRCPCH examination.

Although there are no mandatory stations in the clinical examination now –

your encounter with a child with a murmur or cardiac problem is virtually certain.

Murmurs cause ‘panic’ in majority of candidates. However – a systematic approach and practice listening to common murmurs will go a long way in you achieving the box – ‘MEETS STANDARD’ on the day.

I have these videos from *** which present murmurs in a very structured way.

The video clip begins with a good description, NORMAL heart sounds are heard for 3 beats and then the various components of the added sounds are introduced giving you perfect opportunity to make a ‘sound image’ in your memory.



Can you close your eyes and ‘hear’ the murmur and it’s main features.