Interactive Zoom Session

These sessions provide regular ongoing Proper guidance and mentoring – vital  for you to guage your improvement during your period of preparation otherwise you will not realise your short comings and thus cannot correct them.

Interactive live Zoom sessions are moderated by senior faculty to guide preparation for the exam by providing real time formative feedback.

Each participant volunteers for the ‘HOT SEAT’ in turn, others take the ‘EXAMINER HAT’ and mark as per RCPCH Guidelines and we have a ‘ROLE PLAYER’.

Rapid Random Review: to practice Rapid Recall of basic facts of a specific condition as is required in a clinical situation, including the examination. We have 2-3 Randomly chosen ‘topics’ pulled, you have 10 seconds to think and recollect followed by 2 minutes presentation, followed by general discussion by all attending for 5 minutes.This also allows a large number of topics to be discussed – 150 over 3 months.

All Clinical Stations are discussed ‘in rotation’ as per curriculum or request from participants.

Scenarios are discussed as:

  • Communication: Scenario player by candidate. Examiner-2. Observed by ‘all’. Feedback.
  • History and Management: Role player, candidate, discussion with Examiner & feedback.
  • Video scenarios – 3 minutes to watch, presentation and discussion with Examiner for 6 minutes.
  • Development station – simulated with appropriate video and interactive history
  • Clinical station – video scenario with signs 3 minutes to observe, 6 minutes- Examination presentation and discussion.

Sessions work through presentation of clinical scenarios. Role players and ‘examiners’  work through each domain. Learning points are noted from each participant and how the sessions could be improved.

Each Zoom session is of 40 -60 min duration. Sessions are RECORDED and available to view for 2 weeks in case you are unable to attend due to work or other commitments.

A summary is sent to all with LEARNING POINTS from each session as NOTED by participants.

We schedule 2 to 3 Zoom sessions at different times during the week to work with participants at convenient time in different time zones in UK, Middle East, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Malaysia and Australia.

The course is modular i.e. one can attend sessions as per your needs and your work schedule.

We anticipate you will be attending one zoom session during the week. Some participants have opted to join for more. The learning points suggested can be practised into your interaction with children and parents. Working through online modules at times convenient to you.