We are …

A team of paediatricians with education our core value.

We have extensive experience of conducting face-to-face MRCPCH courses in UK and Kolkata, India. However, based on the feedback from our trainees, there is a large void in ongoing preparation support. This causes poor performance in the examination leading to disappointment, heartache and significant financial loss.

We offer on going support for your preparation with monitoring and formative feedback on your performance  The information online format reaches a wider audience. We have trainees in India, Maldives,Bangladesh, Pakistan, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Malaysia, UK and Ireland.

Our course comprises of online modules and interactive Zoom sessions. The online modules provide you with information and station scenarios you can work on your own. The interactive sessions provide online learning discussing scenarios in real-time with feedback on improving performance and peer learning.

Communication, new format video station, new format development station, history station and clinical stations will be discussed with PowerPoint presentations, examples of different stations and how they can be attempted, examples of common errors and how they can be improved are available in online videos.

Interactive live Zoom sessions are moderated by senior faculty to guide preparation for the exam by live presentation and discussion of clinical scenarios. Each Zoom session is of 40 -60 min duration.

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1 thought on “We are …”

  1. Dr Tamal Laha said:

    The interactive sessions on 1st day was very effective for me.
    I chose d hot seat by myself to break the ice inside me in this new environment.
    Anil Sir and Alok Sir, along with all others were so supportive and at the same time so impartially critical, I was really enriched.

    I did some mistakes. And learned some basic key points in communication scenario.
    I know it will help.

    Hope to learn more, as I progress.

    Thank you all.

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