Online Modules: CVS

Cardiovascular system causes undue difficulty to candidates in the exam as it is almost a certainty that you will come across a CVS cases during your exam.

In our online module will provide Audio / Video examples of common murmurs that may be present in children examined.

Common cardiac conditions are discussed and explained.

A very common scenario at the station is a child with scars on the chest and a murmur. We go through the details of how to interpret the murmurs in relation to the child current condition and how to best present and contact your discussion with the Examiner.


  • Examination and presentation of CVS child
  • Scars and signs – how to interpret and discuss
  • Common murmurs – audio & video representation
  • Normal heart sounds / VSD / PDA / ASD / Aortic Stenosis / Aortic Regurgitation / Pulmonary stenosis
  • Echocardiograms of common pathology.
  • Normal Echo / VSD / Tetralogy of Fallot / Transposition of Great Arteries / Cardiomyopathy – may be seen in video station in examination.