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Thank you for participating in the session.

In RRR we discussed:

  1. Evidence Based Medicine
  2. What is Evidence: Audit vs Research
  3. 3 yr old with sudden collapse for viral infection

The communication scenario was discussion with a Junior medical colleague to help with an Audit project. Dr S was an excellent RP and Dr n was in the hotseat. Most of the points were covered. There was some confusion between audit & research.

The Learning points are:

  • Check prior knowledge of RP
  • Research is for New knowledge vs Audit: checking against known
  • If wrong information is mentioned – mention it. 
  • Use of Oral hypoglycaemics in children!
  • Tiem management if very important
  • Prepare simple example of an Audit project to discuss prn
  • Differential diagnosis: Common things first
  • You need not have worked in UK to be successful at the exam
  • Check guidelines on NHS & RCPCH website

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