Dear All

Thank you for your participation in the session today.

In RRR we discussed:

  • Problems of prematurity
  • VSD – why diagnosis missed at birth
  • Iron deficiency anaemia in a 3 year old

In the clinical station we had a 14 year old girl who came for routine FU and task is to examine her Respiratory system. Dr S was in the Hotseat and picked most of the clinical signs in a systematic examination. A few significant observations were missed and a finding not present was noted. The summary was well presented. We discussed how it could be improved.

Learning points:

  • Systematic examination – is improving
  • Examination of Upper respiratory tract is also part of examination – at least mention
  • Categorise your answers and mention more common causes first
  • Suppurative Lung Disease is a better opening diagnosis than Cystic Fibrosis
  • Important to know various access devices used in children

Please visit to add your comments or points I may have missed.

Anil Garg