Dear All
Thank you for participating in the session today. We welcomed new members.

We covered Video station today. There was PowerPoint presentation on Do’s & Don’ts for the station by AG. We did not discuss Rapid Random Reviews today.
The Video was of a 2 day old baby in a head box, with abnormal movements. Lip smacking, abnormal eye movements, jerking of left arm, right arm lying with no movement.Dr A was in the hot seat and covered the observations well. Discussion was a little more tricky.
The learning points are:

  • With background information and Video clues – develop a Differential diagnosis
  • If diagnosis is very obvious – DONOT look for other farfetched possibilities
  • Think of possible causes / aetiology for the Obvious diagnosis
  • Ask 2-3 focused questions to help with your differential diagnosis
  • Investigations – mention with expected results – NOT a list of To Dos.
  • Management plan – in broad brush initially
  • Escalate to your consultant
  • Mention Specific ‘treatment’ before going through ABCD…
  • Visit www.mrcpchonline to add your comments or points I may have missed.

Anil Garg