Dear All
Thank you for participating in the session today.
In RRR we discussed:

  • Genetic counselling – what, how for ie child with Cystic fibrosis
  • Bronchiolitis
  • Prune Belly syndrome

The Video station was of a 3 year old child with puffy eye and reasonably well otherwise. It was attempted well by Dr S & DR I in hotseats the two sessions.

Nephrotic syndrome / Acute Glomerulonephritis / Angioneurotic – Allergy / Protein losing enteropathy
Learning points:

  • Workout a Differential diagnosis of 2-3 conditions
  • This will guide your history and examination cues
  • Keep it simple
  • common things are common
  • Do not bring in complicated tests into management as 1st option
  • Be systematic
  • Be careful of WHAT you say – DONOT dig a hole for yourself.

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Anil Garg