Dear All
Thank you for participating in the session today.

We are scheduling an Intensive Revision Course for the forthcoming Exam on 22-23 January 2022. If you may wish to join please register your interest by replying to this message.

In RRR we discussed:

  • Small for dates baby – causes & management
  • GI causes for Failure To Thrive
  • Coeliac Disease: diagnosis & management. Role of biopsy.

The Video station was of a 7 years old boy with brief episodes absence. Dr F & Dr A took the hotseat and made good attempt at clinical signs & management.
Learning points:

  • Obvious easy diagnosis will bring more detailed discussion
  • Divide causes in to broad categories
  • Do NOT start with Specific conditions
  • Life style changes important part of management
  • Not pharmacology only
  • Do NOT ask for Full systemic examination in what you like to examine!
  • Team work is important part of Learning and of our Group

Vist to add your comments or pints I may have missed.
Anil Garg