Dear All
I will like to Congratulate Dr Chinnu, Dr Vijay and Dr Sumit who have made us proud at the last UK diet. We wish them all the best for their future career and look forward to them coming back to our meetings to share their experiences and give us tips.
In the RRR we discussed:

  • Acute Liver Failure
  • Jittery baby
  • G6PD deficiency

The Clinical Station was of a 9 year old with h/o fainting on sports day. |universal cues: Ejection systolic murmur, LVH of ECG and Cardiomegaly on CXR. Dr A and Dr S took the hotseat and made very good attempt at the examination.
Learning points are:

  • Structured examination is Vitally important
  • Systematic approach
  • ASK for Cardiology OPINION for ECHO cardiogram. NOT an ECHO. You will not be able to interpret it!!
  • CVS exam is NOT complete without checking for ‘Femorals’.

Visit to add your comments or points I may have missed.

Anil Garg