Thank you for participating in the session today. We met new members – welcome to them all.
In the RRR we discussed:

  • Birth injuries: Categories broad categories before getting into individuals
  • Infective Endocarditis: Predisposition & Duke’s criterion
  • ITP: Management – check your local guideline.

In the Clinical station the scenario was of a 7 years old, operated at 1 year of age. Features of Trisomy 21, median sternotomy scar, Superior axis with biventricular hypertrophy on ECG and an audio cue. Dr A, Dr R and Dr C were in the hot seat and did a fair job – with certain things to improve.
Learning points:

  • Time managment – try to finish the exam in 5 minutes
  • It is a focused exam – remember you CANNOT cover EVERYTHING.
  • Note the universal cue. If syndromic – try to check by confirming dependent cues
  • Do NOT make up findings to box into your presumed diagnosis
  • General physical exam is MUST – DO NOT forget GROWTH.
  • Revise ECGS – basics
  • Revise murmurs: What, where and what they imply
  • THRILL means murmur is LOUDEST there.

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Anil Garg