Thank you for your participation.

We had a very informative and interesting session. Besides our regular topics of RRR & Clinical station.
Dr Fatima, Dr Shishir, Dr Misbah and Dr Hiren joined us to give their experience of the exam and tips that helped them.

  • Put yourself in the hot seat – best leaning experience
  • Practice regularly with a small group of like minded peers
  • Video record yourself – you will be amazed at what you see
  • Exam – theory is important but there is not time in the clinical
  • Know your basics very well.
  • SUMMARIZE – learn to do in 4-5 sentences.
  • Breaking ice – be situationally aware.
  • Discussion open in Broad categories initially

In RRR we discussed:

  • Parvovirus B19
  • Diabetes – aims of management and what may cause problems
  • Brest milk jaundice – what is it?

Video was on a small baby with rash and golden crust.
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Anil Garg