Dear Sir, 28 October 2021


Thank you very much for your focused and calibrated teaching sessions, it helped me a lot. Many thanks  to all faculties Dr Siba sir, Dr Urmila madam, Dr Alok sir and my study partner which made navigation through and successful to the goal. I am very thank full  for all good wishes of learners group members and colleagues.

There are always pearls of wisdom which we learn from every teachig session in Sir” s class but  some of it really useful for life it self  like  sir always says dont be  doctor of doom and gloom,  there is always bright  side of any dark event /incidence etc…

I would say it is both which are important learning and un learning  sound strange but  yes learning of important points which are needed for  exam as well as unlearning of wrong pattern or faulty approach are equally important which make pass through  successfully from  quality control (EXAM!!!).

I wish all good luck for all professional learners for up coming exams.

Best Regards