Thank you for your participation is today’s session.

In RRR we discussed:

  • 3 year old referred by GP with Hb 60gm/L
  • 3 year old with swollen wrist and ankle
  • 3 year old exposed to room fire presenting with Stridor

We did not have role player hence covered a Video Station.
Video scenario showed a 14 year old with dermatomal rash in trunk and Hickmann line. Most missed the Hickmann line which was essential to differential diagnosis and management.

Learning points:

  • Learn of common iv access methods in children in UK.
  • Swelling – painful or painless will guide to correct diagnosis
  • If diagnosis clear – causes will be discussed so think about them.
  • Complications of Herpes zoster in Immunocompromised children. Eye!
  • Summarize succinctly.

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Anil Garg