Thank you for participating in the session today. We covered Development.
Rapid Random Review:

  • DLA – Disability Living Allowance: Care & Mobility
  • GMFCS score.
  • Autism. Features & Play group age.

In the Clinical station we took development history of a 4 year old with concerns about ‘fine functions’ of his parents. Dr M & Dr A were role players while Dr A & Dr M took the history. Time was short and ran out before all the details could be covered.
We will Verbalize the examination at the next session.
Learning points:

  • 3 main domains for Autism diagnosis
  • Levels play to assess age: Parallel / Imaginative / Pretend
  • Learn to phrase appropriate questions
  • Check Hearing & Vision or ask
  • Development history is about determining aetiology / cause of illness

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Anil Garg