Thank you for participating in the session and making it interesting and interactive.

In RRR we discussed:

  • Neonatal resuscitation
  • Neonatal hypotonia
  • Central cyanosis in a newborn infant

The clinical case was of a two-year-old with hydrocephalus with difficulty in walking. The universal cues were a large head, scar in the Occiput and cervical area and normal lumbar spine.

The Learning points were:

  • Time management – practice to finish examination in 5 minutes
  • Opportunistic examination in very young children – try and remain systematic
  • Describe the lesion as UML or LML with supportive reasoning / findings
  • Do NOT forget 5Ss in examination
  • More important to look for Squint than Jaundice in a Neuro scenario
  • Precise questions when checking for Dependent cues – ‘horizonal scars in tendon Achillis area’ rather than are any scars visible?
  • Test power in group of muscles at a particular joint
  • RRR – open with ‘Broad categories’ if possible

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Anil Garg