Dear All
Thank you for participating in the session today.

The RRR discussed:

  • 6/12 old with neuroblastoma – diagnosis
  • Hearing loss in 7 year old noted by parents
  • Respiratory distress & Respiratory Distress Syndrome

The Clinical station was of a 4 year old with parental concerns about his walking and falling.Universal cues were: Difficulty in getting up, Calf hypertrophy. The diagnosis was relatively easy but there was difficulty in completing the exam in mandated 6 minutes.
Learning points:

  • Do NOT say I will build rapport with the child – as you will be asked – HOW?
  • This will throw off track. Say what you will actually say.
  • Expose fully – do not pull up trousers or shirt.
  • If refused – then accept and improvise – what might you see if clothes not there
  • General physical examination
  • Universal cues need to be ‘described’ in examination
  • Time management – practice to finish the exam in 5 minutes
  • Learn to use unfamiliar words you will use in the exam
  • It is a Focussed exam – you cannot do it like an undergraduate.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice

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Anil Garg