Thank you for participating in the sessions today.
Rapid Random Review were:

  • Coeliac disease in 2 year old – DD
  • 2 year old admitted with Burns. Assessment & management
  • Hypsarrhythmia – significance

Clinical Station – Dr AG gave a brief presentation on the essentials of Virtual Clinical Station. The timeline, how it will be presented in the virtual platform. Universal and Dependent Cues. How to note and work through to get the examination to get Dependent Cues from the examiner. How to summarize and present to examiner. We then covered a scenario of 7 year old requiring CVS examination.
Learning points:

  • Sanitize hands, Introduction & consent
  • General physical examination is essential prior to systemic examination
  • Ask to expose part early on so you do not forget
  • Structured clinical examination
  • Sleek
  • Time management mandatory
  • Approach child – start with hands – less intimidating – better rapport

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Anil Garg