Dear All
Thank you for your participation in the session today. We met two new members.
RRR – Rapid Randon Review:

  • 2 yr old with sino pulmonary infections
  • Antenatal diagnosis – modalities
  • Haemophilia A

The Video scenario was on a 14 year old with a rash – clinically Shingles. Dr I & Dr A were in the hotseat.
Learning points:

  • Consider possible differential diagnosis in 4 minutes with information available
  • OBSERVE the video very carefully
  • Note clinical signs and check how they relate to your differential diagnosis
  • IF diagnosis is OBVIOUS – need not work on differential
  • Consider questions on aetiology, complications, management.
  • History questions should be related to your differential
  • Targeted examination – relevant to above
  • Summarize with your diagnosis supported by clinical observation

Please visit to add your comments or anything I may have missed.
Anil Garg