Dear all

Thank you for participating in the session today and making it so interactive and interesting.

In rapid random review  – RRR – we discussed:

  • Neonatal screening: think of Neonatal examination, Hearing besides blood spot test.
  • Loss of consciousness: Seizure, Syncopal, Reflex Anoxic, Non Epileptic
  • Brainstem death: pre-requisites, how. Organ donation

The clinical scenario was of a 2 1/2-year-old admitted with multiple bruises of different ages. Her auntie comes to collect her not knowing the possibility of non-accidental injury.  Task was to discuss your concerns and plan with Role player. Dr H was an excellent Role player and Dr A took the hotseat. DR I & DR S – being the examiners. The scenario was attempted well and there are a few learning points.
Learning points:

  • Do not confuse background scenario info with TASK
  • Note down important information – name, age, relationship
  • Confirm identity and how to address the Role Player.
  • Remain calm – follow 30 second rule – allow RP to join in conversation
  • Respond to RP’s queries – DO NOT ignore them
  • ACCURATE information – if not sure – say will check and come back
  • In UK – health professional have a Legal duty to protect children – likely to be same world over
  • Look at the camera to make eye contact ‘every now and then’ need not stare all the time

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Anil Garg