Dear all

Thank you for participating in the session today and making it interesting. We had two new colleagues who joined us.

We have added a small new section on “how I might do it….” This is a brief attempt at the communication scenario discussed previously taking the feedback in mind and how it could be done. The candidate or role player of previous scenario is the role player and I AG would attempt to be the candidate.


  • Three week old baby presenting with vomiting for 7 to 10 days with 10% dehydration – previously thought to be GORD
  • Paracetamol overdose important investigations and management
  • Pain-free limp in a six-year-old

Communication scenario was get consent for treatment and transfer of a newborn baby with severe birth to asphyxia requiring calling therapy. Dr S was the role player and Dr D took the hot seat. It was a good attempt but effects of the hot seat could be seen.

The learning point are:

  • Avoid jargon and if you do have to use a technical word explain what it means
  • Do not avoid/ignore role players concerns
  • Explain in simple terms as far as possible
  • Come to the task as soon as reasonably possible otherwise you may get lost in details.
  • Avoid using terms like damage/further damage.
  • Important to read a common current therapies for common conditions.

If there are any points I have missed or comments you wish to make please visit

Anil Garg

Message: Dear Sir : how can join your activities , I had see your wonderful videos and I get also one of your useful enjoying publications ( MRCPCH CLINICAL EXAM A PRACTICAL GUIDE …Garg / Paul ) ….I am preparing for MRCPCH clinical oversea , how can attend the weekly activities. Best regards Dr.IG / pediatrician DCH/ Iraq

Thank you Dear Sir Dr Anil : for welcoming,  it was useful interactive session today , we enjoy and get valuable notes  , it is worthy to have more communication skill session really I have to .., I  hope to share role-player next session with my colleagues with your kind instructions.