Thank you for participating in the session today and making it so useful.
Rapid Random Review – RRR:

  • Development of a 9 month old child with Trisomy 21
  • Spherocytosis – haemolytic anaemia
  • Encopresis – why and management

In the Communication scenario discussion with a student nurse who is unhappy about information of diagnosis of Leukaemia being withheld from young person on parents’ request. Dr S was an excellent Role Player and Dr S made a very good attempt. discussion was about Ethical frame work under which Medics practice.
Learning points:

  • Important to know basic guidelines of all paediatric domains – not ONLY acute illness
  • Remain calm. Dr S was superb at keeping cool and managing communications
  • If do NOT know the topic – ask the RP what they know of it / have read
  • LISTENING is VERY important – be on ‘listen out’ or Look out for visual clues
  • Role Player always have an agenda and you need to be able to get to it
  • Read Ethics: Autonomy – Beneficence – Non Malevolence – Justice / Fairness to all

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Anil Garg

Nice session Sir, covered both information giving and Ethics in 1 scenario.

Another challenging task is Negotiation against patients wish like new test, medicine, agreeing for admission or procedures or how to refuse their unnecessary demands like unwanted tests or procedures or admission vice a versa. Dr H