Thank you for participating in the session today and making it interesting and useful.

In the rapid random review we discussed:

  • Familial short stature – ‘question to parents “How tall were you at that age’? Bone age.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome  – Diagnosis of exclusion – Physio regime – Depression
  • Healing loss in a six-year-old – Glue ear / Post meningitis / Congenital

The clinical scenario for communication was to speak to parents of a new born baby born with absent external years and a small Jaw – Treacher Collins syndrome. Dr A was an excellent role player and Dr A was in the hotseat with Dr A & Dr S as examiners proved targeted feedback with examples.
Learning points were:

  • RRR topics very useful and good guide to reading for more information
  • Respond to concerns of the role player – do not ignore them
  • Write down the name of parent or child so you can address them appropriately
  • Avoid jargon
  • READ the task and information provided CAREFULLY – EACH word has significance
  • Be a POSITIVE doctors – not one of doom & gloom
  • Be reassuring to role player.
  • It is acting and I am not good at it – need to practice.

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Anil Garg