Dear all

Thank you for your support for our Summer course. 

After the initial introduction two days ago today was the first closed session. After getting to know each other and where we felt confident and areas we wanted to improve on we started with the communication station.

In the first part we had a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the dos and don’t of the communication station.We then had in communication scenario of a drug error and explaining the error to a parent. Dr S took the hot seat and was the candid it. Dr A & Dr F were the examiners and we had observers why Dr E what was the role player. The scenario went well. Feedback was to the point with examples of what was said.

The learning points were:

  • Situational awareness is very important and we need to be aware of how to manage.
  • Arrange to move to a quieter please all of you from a child when breaking bad news.
  • Remember at the end of the consultation to check with her and how child should be informed.
  • Check the introduction and do not call parent as mummy or daddy.
  • Ask for their name or how would addressed.
  • Consider a chaperone who could be the ward sister when task is – breaking bad news.
  • Use simple words and avoid jargon e.g. administration of drug vs drug is given
  • Do not move from Communication to History mode.
  • Plan for the first two minutes of your communication scenario and for the rest be led by the role player – Shishir’s rule.

Visit to add your comments or anything I may have missed.
Anil Garg