Thank you for participating in the session today. We covered History & Management.

  • 10 day old baby with jaundice – yellowish greenish tinge of the skin. DD: Congenital Infection, Biliary atresia, Metabolic. Check for Wt, Stool colour.

Dr K took the quick answering hotseat and managed reasonably well.

A brief PP presentation on salient points for the History station.

History station was a scenario of eight-year-old having constipation and soiling. Dr J was in the hot seat and Dr S was the role player. They both completed their respective tasks. Dr M & Dr S – were in the roles in the evening session.

Learning points:

  • In the four minutes not your differential and important questions that need to be checked
  • Structure your questioning and keep to time.
  • Social history is very important and do not miss it.
  • Medication is important to get details off – not necessarily milligrams but the frequency to ensure compliance
  • Summarise at nine minutes in 15 seconds – then move on to questions not asked
  • Check how Parents are COPING & SUPPORT they are getting.
  • DISCUSS with RP / Parent instead of Educating them
  • Involve Child in your management planning and explain to them also.
  • Dis-empaction regime – know about it.
  • Back to basics – read fundamentals

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Anil Garg