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In Rapid Random Review we discussed:

  • CHARGE association
  • Tremors – shaking limbs
  • HUS – haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome

The scenario for history and management was a 10-year-old boy with poorly controlled asthma. Dr D was in the hot seat and Dr A was an excellent role player. The topic was covered well and the management plan was also appropriate. However a key factor mentioned in the information given was overlooked.
Learning points:

  • Read the information provided very carefully.
  • Sometimes unpleasant information has to be discussed
  • Financial and social issues do contribute to the non-compliance by various ways.
  • Although finance for medication is not an issue for paediatric practice in UK it can be in other parts of the world.
  • You need to be sensitive to Role players emotions when discussing these issues.
  • Time management is very important.
  • Summarise at nine minutes and you need not take more than 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Read Asthma management with Non pharmacological and pharmacological

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Anil Garg