Thank you for participating in the session today. We started on the video station.

After the RRR there was a brief presentation on the video station what is expected and how to attempt it and then we had a video scenario.
Dr C & Dr P attempted the rapid reviews.

Random Rapid Review:

  • Foreign body in the respiratory tract – CXR may not identify ‘non radio-opaque’ toys or parts
  • Weakness in a five-year-old Myasthenia gravis; Tenison test.
  • Precocious puberty in a three-year-old male. Twenty times less common in males. Tumour most likely. Consider: Trauma / Infection in DD.

Video scenario was of a 24-hour old newborn baby who was noted to be jittery irritable. The differential diagnosis could be drug withdrawal, birth asphyxia, metabolic- hypoglycaemia and sepsis. Dr P was in the hot seat with Dr Ji and Dr S being the examiners. It was a interesting station in that the most likely diagnosis is not very common in Asian countries
Learning points:

  • Learn of conditions seen is UK
  • Think on broad lines and use umbrella terms for initial diagnostic evaluation
  • Differential is essential to formulate a plan for history and examination questions
  • iv drug users – consider as ‘infected’ unless evidence to contrary – protect new-born
  • Mindful of time – need to be slick.

Add your comments or anything I may have missed.
Anil Garg