Thank you for participating in the session today and making it so interesting.

The rapid random review RRR were:

  • Space Occupying Lesions: Red flags,
  • Bruising – ITP – Steroids are not used – Immunoglobulins if required. When Bone marrow appropriate
  • GOR / GORD – important to differentiate between the two. Diagnosis with pH monitoring in Oesophagus.

Dr C, Dr A, Dr P, Dr V & Dr S tackled the subjects with questions from colleagues. All were very well attempted.
Clinical station was with queues of a six month old increasing in weight from 58 to 91st centile and having symptoms off throwing out his arms with some head movement. DD was Over feeding with GOR and Infantile spams. Dr A took the hotseat. Dr A & Dr V kept their cool but got fixated on only one diagnosis – which most often can lead to problems.
Learning points:

  • Universal cues – take NOTE of every word – literally
  • Keep an OPEN mind. Do Not panic.
  • Have a Differential diagnosis – 2-3 – even if you are sure of the diagnosis
  • Probe with history & examination findings to confirm one and rule out others
  • Need to show Examiner you are checking mile stones – if required – seeing in Universal cues not enough
  • Diagnosis – reached now – support with findings.
  • Common and SIMPLE things first – unlikely to have very rare conditions
  • Be Confident & Fluent.
  • Divide your time appropriately – DO NOT spend on one ‘point’ only
  • Infantile Epilepsy vs Infantile spasms – use broader umbrella term.

Add your comments or any points I may have missed.
Anil Garg