Thank you for participating in the session today.

In the Random Rapid Review: Dr C, Dr S, Dr M & Dr H took the hotseat and covered most of the points. Dr Akruti looked at the literature and provided brief summary with relevant investigations.

  • Cushing syndrome: Low & High dose Dexamethasone suppression test. Alternate day to reduce side effects.
  • Fragile X : second most common cause of severe learning disorder after Down’s syndrome.
  • Brusing  – rare non concerning cause: 4 month old sucking vigorously on the fore arm.

Extended clinical station. Universal queues were bilateral papilloedema and a CT scan showing deleted ridiculous system and identified lesion on one side. The lesion was more likely to be incidental due to its side and the dilated ventricles suggesting hydrocarbons which were more likely to be due to I said he better tumour. Dr J |& Dr A took the hot seat and did justice to the history taking but clinical examination overran the time.

Learning points:

  • Systematic and fluent – MUST
  • A FULL neurological exam cannot be done in 6 minutes
  • Learn the screening ‘exam’ as explained – 2-3 minutes maximum.
  • Examiner can then lead you to where further time needs to be spent.
  • Gait, walk heel to toe, Romberg’s, shake hands, ask to squeeze fingers both hands
  • Practice, Practice, Practice!!!

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Anil Garg