Thank you for participating in the session today.

We discussed Extended Clinical Station examination and what to expect and how to proceed with time line. It is important to practice and have a structured approach to the examination as without that life can be very difficult.

Rapid Random Review:

  • Non Accidental Injury – multiple bruising in 11 month old
  • ITP – diagnosis and management
  • Acute Renal Failure: Urine output <0.5 ml/kg/hr

Dr C, Dr S & DR A Dr V discussed Non Accidental Injury, Renal failure and ITP with good clarity. Be very careful of words you speak – need to be very specific. Describing common conditions is difficult and hence it is worth practising them.

Clinical scenario was of a 5.5 year old. IUGR, neonatal and stress related hypoglycaemia, growing along 2nd centile, biggish head, clinodactyly 5th finger. Silver Russel syndrome. Dr K made a good effort at History and examination – all can do with more practice to feel  and have ‘fluid’ technique

Learning points:

  • Be systematic and do not ‘jump’ about
  • Development – always ask at least ONE question
  • 30 sec rule & Hot seat have strange effect on thinking!!
  • Summary has to be VERY brief – positive & -ves. Diagnosis if you have or DD
  • Review basic paediatrics
  • Learn common syndromes – make a chart with main features
  • Start noting and linking cues with a diagnosis or Differential diagnosis in 4 minutes

Add your comments or points I may have missed.

Anil Garg