Thank you for participating in the session today. We started on the video station.
After the RRR  we had a video scenario.
Dr A & Dr S attempted the rapid reviews.

Random Rapid Review:

  • Stridor: 2 year old
  • Development regression 3 year old
  • Limp in 5 year old

Video scenario was of a 2-old old newborn baby who was fitting. The differential diagnosis could be birth asphyxia, metabolic- hypoglycaemia and sepsis. Dr S & Dr V were in the hot seat. It was a interesting station.
Learning points:

  • Need to be systematic
  • Think on broad lines and use umbrella terms for initial diagnostic evaluation
  • Differential is essential to formulate a plan for history and examination questions
  • Mindful of time – need to be slick.

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Anil Garg