Thank you for participating in the session today.

We have started a new 15 to 20 minutes component to our zoom sessions incorporating quickfire random paediatric topics. This we would like to try out as review of recent results suggests that basic paediatric knowledge was lacking. We will practice talking on 2 to 3 topics picked at random from a basic paediatric book and discussing some of the various aspects of the topic that comes up. 

The aim is to learn from each other and also to improve rapid recall of knowledge we already have under stress especially in the exam.

Today we came across and discussed:

1: What affects sugar levels in diabetic children

2: Ambiguous genitalia

3: URTI – Blocked nose, Croup, epiglottitis, tracheitis

4: Myocarditis.

5: Short stature

6: SVT

The session was approved by all present with suggestion to continue and have a fuller evaluation in a few weeks.

Anil Garg