Thank you for all for participating in the session today.  The scenario was of a 12 year old given Adrenaline by error. Task was to inform and explain error to parent. Dr D & Dr D took the hotseat in the two sessions and Dr B and Dr V were excellent role players.
The scenario and task was felt to be difficult but a huge learning opportunity.

Learning points:

  • Simple language
  • Be aware of ‘What you say & How you say “
  • Speak slowly and let Role player finish before responding.
  • Stay calm and follow the 30 seconds rule
  • Appropriate apology but do not over do the apology
  • Busy in ‘Clinic’ sounds better than busy in ‘Meeting’ – if waiting to meet ‘Consultant’.
  • Accept ‘Human error’.
  • Errors can never be ‘completely eliminated.
  • Medications vs drugs
  • PALS / Datex / Incident Reporting form / Error Reporting / Root Cause Analysis
  • Understand the concept of above
  • Hot seat and Examiner perspective are very helpful in understanding the approach

Please visit to add your comments or points I may have missed.
Anil Garg