Thank you for joining the first session of the Spring course.
I would like to welcome all the new members and thank you for being up so late at night to attend our session. We had a PowerPoint presentation discussing the Communication station, how, why, do use and don’ts. We then had a Communication scenario of discussing feeding with a mother who had gone into labour unexpectedly and 30 weeks with a growth retarded fetus. Dr S was the role player and Dr A. took the hotseat.  The scenario was very well done and the most important point of note was that doctor he followed the role players agenda and not only her own all the instructions that were given.
Learning points:

  • Introductions – Name and relationship to ‘child’ if appropriate.
  • Observe the ‘Good flow & fluency’. Slow clear speech.
  • Confidence and attitude of Dr A.
  • Convey the message in simple words.
  • Remain calm.
  • Be on the ball – do not wander around.
  • Mother & baby contact – make feasible as early as possible.
  • Be accurate with information given
  • Do not be a doctor of Doom & Gloom.

Please visit and add your comments or points I have missed
Anil Garg