hank you for joining in the session today and making so interesting. 

We started with getting introduced to each other so as to be able to work as a more cohesive group. The common thing we all struggle with is being confident in our presentation and successfully convey our thoughts do the role player or examiner.

We then discussed a clinical scenario of getting consent for the procedure.  Dr C took the hotseat with Dr S & Dr H taking on the examiner caps. The father was reluctant which made it a little challenging. Very good attempt and relevant observations.

Learning points:

  • Got into flow of ‘station’ as first time.
  • Need to peak ‘slower’ – a trait I think from our subcontinent – not for all though.
  • How to counsel parents when refusing advice.
  • CANNOT delay treatment. Discuss options of choice.
  • Use correct Anatomical description.
  • Be confident in your own competence
  • LPs, Venepunctures etc you should be confident and comfortable to perform
  • Mention Task as early as possible – first 30-60 seconds

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Anil Garg