Thank you for participating in the session and making it interactive and interesting.

The video clip was of a boy with Hurler’s syndrome, on treatment. All clinical cues, universal and dependant were suitably picked up though could have been a little more organised Dr M in the later session covered the whole station with a Grade A+.
The learning points were:

  1. Do not omit obvious signs – note and mention them
  2. Check the introduction carefully – clue to what is expected in exam and management
  3. Derive a DD while watching the cues with relevant questions
  4. MPS – features appear usually after 6/12. Some may improve with treatment.
  5. Summary should be brief – if you have a diagnosis: say if and then support it
  6. Do not just narrate your findings – you are eating into your time.

Add your comments or anything I may have missed.
Anil Garg