Thank you for participating in the session and making it so interesting and interactive.

The scenario was younger of 12 referred by GP for being tired and deteriorating academically. A neck swelling was noted. The task was to examine the neck and any other relevant examination.
DR V took the hot seat and had a good attempt at the examination and discussion. Other gave their contributions after and in the end all was noted and discussed.
Learning points:

  • Any Clinical station: Summarize Universal cues in 30 seconds and proceed from there …
  • DD of midline neck swelling: Thyroid, Thyroglossal cyst, Cystic hygroma
  • Neck swelling – palpate from the back beside the front – need to vocalize clearly.
  • Try to get ‘under’ the swelling. If cannot percuss sternum from extension of swelling.
  • Auscultate over the swelling for bruits.
  • Check eye signs, leg swelling – oedema due to hypothyroid.
  • ‘Pubertal Goitre’ is common in girls and is Euthyroid.

Add your comments of points I may have missed.

Anil Garg