Thank you for participating in the session – Universal cues were of a 4 month old failing to thrive with eczematous rash on face, greenish stools.

History was well taken by Dr S covering most of the essential points. Differential diagnosis and discussion went well.
The learning points were:

  • Structured history is essential.
  • Note relevant points to check in 4 minutes while reviewing the universal cues.
  • Keep a timer in view to keep to your time line.
  • 7 minutes on one point with not time to cover other essentials is BAD use of your time.
  • Learn to be confident of your ‘findings’ and summarize succinctly in under 30 secs.

I would like to wish ‘Best of Luck’ and a successful exam for our trainees who are writing the exam in this Diet.

We will complete the Winter session on 23 February and start the Spring session on 2 March.

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Anil Garg