Thank you for participating in the video session today and making it so interactive and interesting.

The video clip was of a two day old baby who was noted to have abnormal movements. Dr A was the first in the hotseat. He got most of the clinical signs. Few clues not picked up were – no movement of right upper limb, HIE due to difficult delivery with meconium and ? fracture of clavicle. Discussion was a little more tricky.

Causes & management of neonatal convulsions is something done by all but under spotlight we tend to wilt a little.

Learning points:

  • work out a DD while watching the video and noting signs
  • Watch the whole clip – do not shut your mind after first few signs
  • DD should guide your history and examination questions.
  • Keep things simple – common conditions are seen more frequently
  • Be brief and specific with your questions. Ideally closed questions.
  • Speak slowly – this need a lot of practice – start now.
  • Read NICE guidelines for common conditions.

Add your comments or any points I may have missed.
Anil Garg