Thank you for participating in the session today.

We started on the video block with a PowerPoint presentation of what to expect in the exam and how you will acquire marks. The videos clip was of a full term baby referred for appearing jaundiced. Dr S and Dr F Dr V & DR A took the hot seat into discussions which were very useful.

The landing points are:

  • Watch the video clip carefully – try and ‘focus’ on different aspect each time you see it
  • In the video station after seeing the clip and identifying the clinical signs …
  • You are expected to ask 1-2 focused history and examination questions to help you build full picture
  • If you do not ask – examiner will not tell you
  • Starvation and dehydration are important causes in neonatal jaundice
  • Read up neonatal jaundice as it is a common topic and can be asked.
  • You need to be fluent with the first 3 to 4 courses of jaundice in a newborn
  • Be prepared to discuss physiological jaundice how and why?
  • Family history of previous siblings with jaundice: ABO & Rhesus – still important
  • Common things common – mention them first before moving to rare causes
  • Keep it simple
  • Practice – Practice – Read – Read – Practice – Practice

Add your comments or any points I may have missed.
Anil Garg