Thank you for participating in the session today.  We discussed the scenario of a teenager who was pronounced brain-dead following the RTA and a request for organ donation. We did the scenario again as I was not really happy with how we had left it at the last session. Dr Y took the hot seat and Dr AG what is the role player. The scenario was done very well and in time. The feedback from the observers and examiners was also very appropriate and useful. I was pleased following decision as it demonstrated you are picking up the points from the sessions as intended and hopefully in the exam you will be able to nail the task given. 

We then discussed the Video station with suggestions on how to approach and manage the various domains.

Learning points:

  • Avoid addressing Role player ‘Mum or Dad’. confirm who they are and how to address.
  • Bad news – give it and then say ‘You are Sorry’
  • Try not to be sorry before you have said what you are sorry for!.
  • Do NOT beat around the bush – get over the ‘difficult bit of information’.
  • Do NOT forget the 30 sec rule – else you will sound like a monologue.
  • Summarize at 6 minutes or next best opportunity after knock of time
  • Silence – 15 sec if needed – is a good method to demonstrate Empathy and sensitivity
  • Try and bring something +ve in scenario – if possible
  • Refresh your knowledge of NICE guidelines for common emergencies. 
  • All Hypos.. – Hypers… / Status Epilepticus , Asthma.
  • Use your phones to record speaking a scenario and check how you can improve.

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Anil Garg