Thank you for participating in the session today. My apology that the breakout rooms did not work as I had planned and will check with our IT guru and learn where I went wrong.
We saw Video clip of a 14 year old girl with a rash. The distribution of the rash was consistent with Shingles.
The learning points are:

  • Keep mind open during FULL video
  • Do not get biased by only one point – very likely to miss other significant clues.
  • If a diagnosis is ‘barn door’ obvious. Do not need to work on a differential
  • Instead be ready to support your diagnosis with clinical findings
  • Neuropathy and Neuralgia and not interchangeable.
  • Gabapentin is used in Neuralgia – post herpetic in this case
  • Key words are very important in describing the findings
  • Learn various types of venous access – how they look.

It you will like to add any other points or comments – you can do it here.

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Anil Garg