Dear all
Thank you for participating in the session today. The communication scenario was speaking to parent of a one day old baby with ambiguous genitalia. The family was from Afghanistan and had lost their first child. Dr A did an excellent role play of father and Dr R took the hotseat. The introduction was very good but following discussion could be better. After discussion Dr S attempted the scenario again. It was done well. Dr H & Dr R were in the hotseat in 2nd session with Dr A giving an excellent performance as parent.

The Learning points are:

  • Communication is a DIALOGUE & not a MONOLOGUE.
  • Speak less to ‘Hear’ more.
  • Rapport building is crucial to moving further in scenario.
  • Always congratulate arrival of a new baby – issues can be ‘fixed’.
  • Be positive.
  • Observe 30 sec & 2 minute Rules
  • Be aware of your Language.
  • Do NOT mix up ‘Him’ / “Her’ or Boy & Girl sounds more gentle when talking with role player
  • Do NOT refer to baby as ‘IT’.
  • Listen to concerns raised and ADDRESS them – do not ignore.
  • When needing to describe an abnormality – briefly tell what is NORMAL.
  • Apologise or be Sorry only once or twice – Do not over do it.

Add your comments or any points i have missed.
Anil Garg