Thank you for participating in our session today. We discussed a scenario of a six month old baby being brought to the hospital following an Acute Life Threatening Event (ALTE) at home. The task was to speak to the mother regarding safe sleeping practice. Dr A offered to be in the hotseat. Dr S & Dr S were the ‘examiners’ and Dr J an observer. Their task was to observe closely and ‘mark’ the performance while Observer had to give comments with specific examples of words used or actions not undertaken – as the case may be. All did a stellar job. I had to role play at the last minute due to unexpected duty for Dr P.
The learning points are:

  • Read the Task VERY carefully – there are most cues you need to consider
  • Mention the task as soon after introductions.
  • Do not be side tracked
  • Be careful of NOT turning into History taking mode.
  • Follow the task – where marks are – BUT do NOT leave the Role player in the cold.
  • Remember – it is their agenda – but bring them back on track after addressing their immediate concern.
  • Body language is VERY important – more so on Virtual platform
  • Eye contact – Do NOT read from a sheet on your table
  • Look Professional – DO NOT present as if you have just rolled out of bed!!

Add any other points or your comments.