Thank you for participating in the session today have a first session of the winter course.

We started with a communication scenario in which Dr T role played a FY2 doctors and Dr S took the hotseat. Communication style was suitable. Some improvements are in the learning points.
I then had a PowerPoint presentation on Communication stations, tasks, skills and how to score maximum points.
Learning points:

  • ACCURACY of information is paramount.
  • Wrong information ‘trumps’ everything else you may do at a station
  • You can correct Role player’s ‘wrong’ concepts and do not need to accept them at correct
  • Arrange to check points you may not know and meet again
  • Very likely – role player may give you a clue / lead
  • Know who you will be speaking with and Greet appropriately
  • Do not MIX Communication with H&M station
  • Shishir’s 2-minute rule
  • AG’s 30-second rule
  • Write down the task – it will help keep your focus
  • Be aware when turning into a Monologue!!

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Anil Garg