Its been a great learning experience regardless of the exam prep indeed it focused on us being working as a better peadiatric doctor.

Following is my feedback for the course:

1:For me everything went really well as its teaching along with practising the station. Especially the communication scenarios we practised a lot of situations/settings.
Involvement of seniors/examiners is also very beneficial. Their feedbacks and presentations are invaluable.

I regret no joining from before.

2: Timing of the session , I believe is a bit short or may be they can increase in number /week
3: Number of participants is actually appropriate and I think we worked well as a group.(Everyone got a turn for each station.)
4: 6-7 pm GMT is appropriate (as I am in UK)
5: Neurology and MSK clinical stations how we are going to present in this covid adapted exam and if possible a scenario of an adolescent with self harm /self cutting or overdose(history/comm).

Also I believe we will be having a mock exam session as u did for the Nov. attempt. Please let me know when we are going to have it so that we prepare for it.

I tried to answer all the questions in feedback , Hope it was appropriate. Best Wishes,

Dr MK. London. 29 November 2020